Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ali and I went to our first trade show in Vegas last week and it was a success! We drove to Vegas and set up our booth with the help of Ali's parents- Gene and Renella. We stayed at the Palazzo- which we LOVE and had a launch party at the Wynn's BLUSH, which was fantastic!

The response to our first line was great and we are so excited to have clients across the country. We met a lot of people...from Texas to Rhode Island, and Alabama to California. Ali will make in-store appearances to launch our line if any boutique owners out there are interested! If so- go to our website and fill out the contact information form. We look forward to going to Louisiana, Rhode Island, Texas, Alabama, and New York in 2010!

Also- I will be setting up a special 'pre-order' section on our website. Currently the line is Spring/Summer 2010 and will be avaialble to buy in January, but we want to know what everyone likes the best... Please check in with us as we continue to grow/change our website!

Again- ABC was amazing and we really enjoyed meeting everyone. We didn't really get to walk around that much because we had to stay in our booth, but we did manage to find a few things that got us excited!

Dayla Baby
Yubo lunch box
...and the girls from Hayli Bug/Luvstuff are awesome!

we'll post more pictures soon

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  1. What a beautiful line of clothing! I can hardly wait until I dress my little angels in your sweet designs. Thank you for following your dream to create this will become a dream come true for so many of us as well. Of this I am certain! Wishing you the very best! -Margarita