Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ali kicks the Winter Season off, Lighting the Christmas Tree at Legoland

On Monday evening , I got to light a 30-foot-tall-tree at Legoland with Mad Man's, Rich Sommer. The tree was made up of 245,000 forest green bricks with over 400 ornaments and 1,000 lights. This was Legoland's 7th annual Tree Lighting ceremony. I got to enjoy the festivities with my daughter, Estela who absolutely adored seeing the entertainment group, The Jumpitz. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ali at the Young & Hot Hollywood party for US WEEKLY

Ali at the Young and Hot in Hollywood Party for US WEEKLY!

Oh, a day in the life of my business partner! Ali ventured out last night to attend the young and hot in Hollywood party and we think she proved that she in fact still young AND hot! Too bad Belle Parish doesn't have a women's line yet, but when we do Ali will definitely walk the red carpet in a BP design...we're working on it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Belle Goes to Dallas!

Belle Parish's Spring Line 

Belle Parish heads South for a Launch Party in Dallas. Our Rep, Hollee Hannon did such a wonderful job and we had a blast with all the Dallas Ladies. Check out some of our pictures from the Launch Party at Hope's Chest! 

Just so happy to be in the South! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Alissa and Jen stopping for a picture...Jen's apparently freezing.

Alissa hard at work with the oak tag...

Multitasking Jen...

Alissa setting up with our new pattern making table!

Annie workin it

So, we have a few people we want to introduce! We are proud to have Jen Gardner, the do-it-all intern and Alissa Wehrli, the up-and-coming designer! They are relatively new to the Belle Parish and we are so excited to have them both....that brings our team total to 4. Alissa is leading the design of Belle Parish and was formerly with BCBG. Jen is doing it all and learning with us each day. Here they are world- welcome!

Monday, October 26, 2009

How to get Estela's Playroom look?

I have been meaning to blog about this, but I have been so busy with launching Belle Parish that I am just getting around to it now. People Magazine shot Estela’s playroom and after it appeared in the magazine, I received so many inquiries about where certain items in the room were from so I put together a list for all of you and I have included their website info. I am such a fan of these companies and I am excited to share their wonderful products with you! A big thank you to all who helped make Estela's playroom so special.

1. Gemma Touchstone designed Estela's playroom

2. Bed and Wall Cubbies are by Bratt Decor

3. Bedding and Upholstered Furniture

4. Tables, Chairs and Acessories

5. Tent and Play Furniture

6. Chandelier

7. Wooden Pink Kitchen (not shown)

8. Wall Vinyl 

Friday, October 16, 2009

Atlanta Market

Hi Everyone,
This weekend is Atlanta market and we're so excited to sell Belle Parish in this region...we know the South is a great market for us and we're working with our rep Jeff McClellan to make it a great showing! Ali and I had planned on going to Atlanta together, but unfortunately I've come down with the swine flu. It has been a nutty week, but we're making it! Ali is still making the trip to Atlanta and we will post pics, updates, and any fun news after the trip! Next week is Dallas market, so stay tuned!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ali's Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop!

Actress Ali Landry is most famously known as the “Doritos Girl” or Miss USA '96 - however just recently the 36-year-old model ventured into the world of fashion, design and marketing by launching Belle Parish, a boutique style children's clothing line. The Bella star, who is a big fan of Celebrity Baby Scoop sat down for an exclusive interview with us last week and spoke candidly about her new clothing line, the hopes and dreams she has for the future of Belle Parish, how she disciplines her adorable 2-year-old daughter Estela, her marriage to hubby, writer/film-maker Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and their eagerness to expand their family.

CBS: Congratulations on your new clothing line, Belle Parish! What inspired you to start a childrens clothing line?

AL: Thank you!

It all started after I had my daughter Estela. My mother started sending me packages filled with all these gorgeous hand embroidered, cotton batisse clothes she saved from when I was a baby as well these beautiful outfits she made using vintage patterns. Pajamas with pinch pleats and french lace, beautiful little rompers, just gorgeous things. I dressed Estela in those clothes every single day.

Its funny because I always thought I would be the kind of mother who dressed my kids in the typical “hip” and “cool” clothes which are so common here in LA, however motherhood really changed my perspective. When my daughter was born and I saw that precious, little, innocent baby, I thought to myself, " My gosh she is going to grow so fast!". Children in our society grow up so quickly, partly because of what they are exposed to. I wanted her clothing to be age appropriate, celebrating her childhood and decided then and there to start this line. It was also a way for me to get involved into marketing and branding; something I have always been passionate about.

As soon as I vocalized the idea people started coming into our lives from point A to point B, I met my wonderful partner [Annie Kate Pons] and everything just fell into place. Her and I clicked instantly!

I met Annie 3 years ago because at the time, her husband was helping to promote my husband’s film. We’ve been involved in every single aspect of this company together; my weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. We make a great team.

CBS: What is the concept of Belle Parish?

AL: It is based upon a girl named Belle who lives in Belle Parish. She travels each season. For the spring 2010 collection Belle visited Paris and the South, for fall she will be traveling to the United Kingdom and then for the 2011 Spring and Summer line she will be traveling to Latin America and we will have a "Cha Cha Cha" collection.

We used a lot of pinks and whites for the first line, it is very pure, innocent and simple, a celebration of bringing the baby home.

Next it will evolve into play sets for fall, party dresses, Christmas pajamas (which have always been a favorite of mine growing up), robes, etc.

The plan for the future is to include a book for everywhere Belle travels and then eventually, a doll. We will have one outfit per collection for Belle and her wardrobe will grow accordingly.

CBS: What kind of response did you receive at the ABC kids show?

AL: It was amazing, we had an incredible response!

My parents flew in from Louisiana to help with the set up and it was sweltering the first day! The air conditioning wasn’t working and it was 110 degrees in Vegas.

We were in the building every day by 9 a.m. and then out again at 7 p.m. From selling the products, to writing the orders, we did everything ourselves.

You know people were saying, " Don't expect to make any sales! Most people write their sales after the show". We did so well that I cried at least 3 times while I was there, we couldn’t believe it, no one could believe it. After working so hard on something that is such a personal thing and putting your own belief system out there as a parent, you aren't sure on how people are going to react, so to have everyone respond the way they did was amazing.
CBS: Are you planning on expanding the business? What are your plans for future projects?

AL: We are planning on branching out in the future as the vision has always been bigger than what we have going on at the moment.

We did sell some bedding at ABC but eventually we want to branch out into everything from bedding to furniture and kitchen utensils to gardening tools.

The whole goal for Belle Parish is for it to become a lifestyle line providing products that really support women in every aspect of their lives. I really feel a calling and a passion to support women. When you find the path your supposed to be on everything falls into place.

As a new company, we want to have a personal relationship with all of the buyers and our clients. If someone buys a certain amount i will personally fly myself out no matter where it is and launch their store with Belle Parish.

CBS: Thats a huge undertaking!

AL: I know but I can't do this any other way, it is all or nothing for me. Once you find that passion it’s easy to expand. The sky is the limit!

CBS: Your recent dive into fashion design is quite the change from your career in the past. You are still best known as the “Dorito’s Girl” or Miss America 1996. Speaking of Doritos, do you always keep a bag in the house?

AL: Growing up, Doritos have always been my favorite chip! Most people think I would have a lifetime supply but the truth is, I never received a single box or bag after the commercials aired (laughs). You can always find a bag of Doritos in our house, although these days I prefer the baked version as they are a little healthier.

CBS: Your little girl Estella just turned 2 back in July. Is she going through the terrible twos?

AL: All in all I wouldn't say its so bad right now but I do notice that she definitely has little phases that she goes through.

She just went through a “hitting/kicking” phase. In the morning, when we would all lay in bed together she would kick my husband and I. I would read one of her little books that said " Feet are not for kicking. Hands are not for hitting" and she really grasped the whole concept. The books helped tremendously.

We are pretty consistent with discipline, I've always been pretty firm with her. If she misbehaves, I have always sat her in the corner. I don't care if I'm in the mall or in the French quarter of New Orleans, I will sit her in the corner. I might get crazy looks from people passing by, but it works and consistency for us is the key.

My friends always say, "Are you kidding me? She is so little, she doesn't know any better." But no, my child knows when she is doing something wrong, she definitely knows!

CBS: What are some of her favorite things?

AL: Lately she tells me every single day that she is either a mermaid or a princess. She goes back and forth between the two. Although I did buy her the Little Mermaid DVD, I’ve never said to her, “Oh your my little princess”, so I don’t know where she gets that from! (laughs)

She also loves the color pink, baby dolls, books, balls and sunglasses. Those are her favorite things at the moment.

CBS: I'm assuming she will be either a Mermaid or a Princess for Halloween?

AL: Actually this year, I figured I would put something together with what she already has in her closet. Everyone is going through this economic crisis right now, even people in the entertainment industry.

Estela has this little red tutu so I’m putting some black pom-poms on it and then I'm going to put some little antennas on one of her hairbands. Pair that up with black tights and her little red shoes and she’ll be my little lady bug!

CBS: Is your husband very hands on? How do you work together as a couple?

AL: He is! I think the reason why we originally bonded was due to the similarity in our cultures. He is from Mexico and I'm from the South. We both come from large families that put each other first before anyone else, so in that respect we are totally in sync.

I think the way we are is mostly because of our parents, we had a very similar upbringing and our parents are both still together after all of these years. I told them recently that it is the greatest gift they could have ever given me. To see my parents so in love and together all the time really played a major part in my life. Although I’m sure they argued once in awhile, they never did in front of me and that in itself gave me so much security as a child.

Its hard for me to be in LA because you know I don't think it really supports families. You can go in the suburbs which are nice but its not like in other communities. It is especially difficult with our jobs, so many marriages have been torn apart by not prioritizing. We are really conscious about the situations we put ourselves into and tend not to take part in most of the big parties and events going on.

Work is what we do but our family is our number one top priority. If there is anything going on with Estela or with her school, we are always there.

That is who we are ultimately.

CBS: Are you and Alejandro planning on expanding your family?

AL: He is begging me every single day! He tells me, " I'm not getting any younger. What makes you think it will happen right away." I think we are going to start trying again pretty soon but I'm nervous to go from one to two as I know how hard it is with just the one. I'm in L.A, my parents are in Louisiana and my husband's family is in Mexico, so not having family close by is definitely hard when you've had that support system growing up.

My dream would be to move one day but obviously it can't happen right now. Hopefully, one day.

Be sure to check out Ali Landry's online celebrity parenting talk show on Yahoo"Spotlight To Nightlight". You can also find Ali on her blog at Ali Landry Life or you can follow her on Twitter.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Estela rocking the red carpet in Belle Parish

Estela and Ali walked the red carpet at Disney's Handy Manny premiere. She is wearing Belle Parish!

Ali- a cover girl with a story

Thank you to Celebrity Baby Blog for posting Ali's cover with New Mom's Handbook!

Ali Landry Longs For a Southern Style Upbringing For Estela

Tags: Kids, Parenting

Courtesy New Moms Handbook for use on CBB

Born and raised in Louisiana, Ali Landry is bringing the traditional southern style to Los Angeles — especially when it comes to Estela Ines, her daughter with Alejandro Monteverde.

Despite her efforts, however, the actress often longs for her hometown qualities among her now metropolitan lifestyle.

“I grew up in Louisiana where I have 18 sets of aunts and uncles all living within 30 miles of each other,” she

tells the fall issue of New Mom’s Handbook.

“In the South you visit a lot. I mean you don’t call and say, ‘I’m coming over,’ you just stop by and visit all afternoon. It makes me so sad not to have that for Estela [in Los Angeles]. That absolutely is the toughest thing in the world.”

Fortunately, experiencing life in both Louisiana and the west coast got Ali’s creative juices flowing; She recently launched her children’s clothing line, Belle Parish.

“It started because my mom saved these beautiful day gowns from when I was a baby,” she shares. “When I had Estela she flew here and brought me this beautiful box with all of these delicate little cotto

n dresses that women in our town made by hand.” A quick glance around, and Ali realized the old-fashioned style was hard to come by in Hollywood!

“And then it occurred to me, in California I see a lot of children dressed like adults. I have so much appreciation now for where I’m from and that traditional style. I just really wanted to celebrate each phase of her life and I wanted to dress her like a baby with bonnets, dresses and the little crocheted shoes.”

Calling every day in motherhood “a new experience,” Ali reveals that, as of lately, her time has been spent battling the terrible twos. “She’s just started that age where she hits me sometimes,” she says. “I’m very consistent and I do put her sitting in the corner.” Keeping the lines of communication op

en with Estela, Ali — who will “try to talk to her and explain why we don’t hit people” — is also a stickler for good manners. “I also like to make sure she says, ‘Please,’ and ‘Thank you.’ And, ‘Yes, Ma’am.’”

Click below to read about how Ali and Alejandro’s morning parenting routine differs and what Ali’s mother said that made her cry.

While Ali and Alejandro may agree when it comes to manners, the same can’t be said for Estela’s morning routine. “Every single morning — we actually fight all the way, pushing — to see who’s going to get i

n Estela’s door first,” Ali laughs. “We can’t stand to be awake without her with us.”

As the mother-daughter pair enjoy waking up in a “serene” setting — “I pick her up and give her a hug, and I’m just very gentle and quiet,” she says — Alejandro likes nothing more than to celebrate each sunrise!

“Alejandro bursts open the door singing the ‘Mexican Morning Song’ and it’s loud and he’s loud. And she says, ‘Papa, apaga la luz [turn off the light].’ So, I want her to have that calm in the morning and he is just all-out with her.”

Motherhood for Ali has left her appreciating her own mother that much more. “I have the best mom in the world

,” she boasts. The importance of her mother’s approval was evident when both Ali and Alejandro’s families gathered to celebrate Estela’s second birthday, the 36-year-old says.

“One day she pulled me aside and said, ‘I’ve been watching you and I want you to know that I really admire you as a mother,” Ali recalls. “You are so amazing with Estela. I never see you raise your voice. You always talk to her and she really listens. I’m just in awe of how you are with your child.” Kind words from mom was all it took for Ali to break down! “I started crying. There’s nothing in the world that would mean more to me than what she said.”

Source: New Mom’s Handbook

– Anya

Ali is also on the cover of CHILD STYLE- thank you Gemma! or you can view the actual magazine online at it is awesome!

BP buyers...Tiny Town and Belly Couture! Also...Who reps Belle Parish in Dallas and ATL?

Here are some pictures from ABC with some of our buyers! The lovely ladies of Tiny Town in Mobile, AL and the ladies of Belly Couture in Lubbock, TX. It was so great meeting you and we will see when we launch Belle Parish in your store in 2010!

We are still basking in the success of ABC and have jumped another hurtle this week- finding reps! We are proud to be with Hollee Hannon of Hope's Chest in Dallas ( and Jeff McClellan of Parker Reps in Atlanta (! We will be attending the Atlanta market on Oct. 17th and Dallas Market Oct. 22nd! Come visit these reps for more info Belle Parish!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ali on local Vegas news for Belle Parish

Watch the link!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ali and I went to our first trade show in Vegas last week and it was a success! We drove to Vegas and set up our booth with the help of Ali's parents- Gene and Renella. We stayed at the Palazzo- which we LOVE and had a launch party at the Wynn's BLUSH, which was fantastic!

The response to our first line was great and we are so excited to have clients across the country. We met a lot of people...from Texas to Rhode Island, and Alabama to California. Ali will make in-store appearances to launch our line if any boutique owners out there are interested! If so- go to our website and fill out the contact information form. We look forward to going to Louisiana, Rhode Island, Texas, Alabama, and New York in 2010!

Also- I will be setting up a special 'pre-order' section on our website. Currently the line is Spring/Summer 2010 and will be avaialble to buy in January, but we want to know what everyone likes the best... Please check in with us as we continue to grow/change our website!

Again- ABC was amazing and we really enjoyed meeting everyone. We didn't really get to walk around that much because we had to stay in our booth, but we did manage to find a few things that got us excited!

Dayla Baby
Yubo lunch box
...and the girls from Hayli Bug/Luvstuff are awesome!

we'll post more pictures soon


Okay- We have so much to talk about but first we must mention the AMAZING launch party we had in Vegas last week during the ABC Kid's Show. Thank you to Geneva, Gemma, Kristin, and Sal for making this party a huge success! We were so excited to see the turnout (as the last picture indicates) and to celebrate BELLE PARISH and CHILD STYLE MAGAZINE. Here are some pics from the party!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome to the world of Belle Parish!

This is the first blog for Belle Parish, a lifestyle line by Ali Landry. Belle Parish is launching with children's clothing and we're so excited to show you what we're working on, who we're working with, what inspires us, and the latest in our efforts to start a company! It's crazy, it's fun, and it's a lot of work! Here are some pics from our photo shoot for the Spring
2010 line that we did last week....enjoy!